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Tips for Writing Good Resume

People who are looking for job always do not pay much attention during the time of sending resumes to the employer related to job advertisement.  With increasing numbers of resumes compared to lesser job vacancies present in any company. 

So screening the 
resume has become the process of elimination and not selection in any company. H.R department of any company gets more than 100 applications for just one vacancy and they discard half of the resume then and there just by seeing the quality of resume. A good resume is concise, uncluttered, and emphasizes experience that matches the position for which the person is applying.

  • A good resume should not be more than 3 pages maximum
  • Spell check and grammar check – don’t let a small mistake be the reason you are overlooked.
  • Keep your resume professional – do not include anything personal in the first page of the resume like (age, gender, marital status,etc.)
  • Make the format clear, simple, and easy to follow with concise phrases.
  • Use action words to describe your qualifications.
  • Put your most recent work experience first and list the past 10 years of employment history.
  • Include a current e-mail address for employers to contact you.
  • Be honest on your resume – always remembering the interviewer is much smarter and the truth will always come out during an interview.
  • Do not list references on your just like that.
  • Rather, you may include “References available on request” at the bottom.
  • Keep resume limited to highlight all the strong points about you.
  • Use unique information in each section of your resume –avoid repetition.
  • Do not make it look very lengthy and boring kind. Use tables etc to show everything properly.
  • Along with email id never forget of mention your contact number. In any case if you have changed your phone number then update that in resume.